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We, at AMET BioCore, have over 20 years of research experience in respiratory and chronic diseases. With our proprietary technologies, we can effectively locate and extract targeted active biochemicals from natural substances to create a desired therapeutic effect. This gives us the potential to treat a broad spectrum of chronic diseases, many of which cannot be addressed with current medicine.

Our Mission

We hope to transform the pharmaceutical industry with our series of innovative technologies, and develop a new generation of transformative and effective medicines. Our mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative yet affordable therapeutics for people with chronic and life-threatening diseases.

Next Gen Botanical Science

Through AMET's proprietary technologies, our team of experts can effectively locate and extract targeted biochemicals from natural substances, and achieve drug characterization and quantification in phytomedicine. Being safe, fast-acting, and free of side effects, our technologies can used to create a new category of medicines with significant potentials to improve the lives of patients.

AMET Core Technology

We have worked to build the industry's leading core technologies platform, which includes our Botanical Database, Antioxidant Formulation, and Molecular-Targeted Therapy Technologies. These allow us to accelerate therapeutic development and rapidly expand our pipeline. We focus on developing candidates for chronic respiratory diseases that cannot be effectively cured by existing medicines, and therapies spanning other therapeutic areas.


Our exclusive formulation technology, the Anoxist®, incorporation with our unique extraction technology, allows our research team to extract special phytochemicals contained in different plants and develop unique formulation. Experimental results have proven that it can achieve anti-oxidation, anti-free radical and anti-inflammatory effects.


AMET’s Drug Delivery Technology is designed to deliver Anoxist® to interfere with specific molecules, such as receptors or proteins, in a specific biochemical pathway central to the development, growth, and spread of disease. It is also designed to allow drug bypass healthy cells, a process intended to produce fewer side effects. Advantages of our drug delivery technology include precise drug delivery, fewer side effects, and improved therapeutic effectiveness.


Our exclusive botanical database accelerates product development by quickly explore the formulations landscape, identify relevant formulating approaches, and source ingredients in the most efficient way. Curated and continually updated by our team of scientists, our database also identifies active ingredients and their roles, and connects formulators to critical insights.


In order to promote rapid gastrointestinal absorption and effectively increase bioavailability for human body absorption, AMET incorporates our own exclusive Bio-Power Turbo Technology with phytochemicals. This technology can be used with Anoxist® or other synthetic drugs to achieve the maximum therapeutic effect in the lowest drug dosage.

COVID-19 Solutions

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, our team has worked hard to come up with solutions that could help prevent and contain the COVID-19 pandemic. While we continue to see the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic around the world, we are committed to helping and supporting those in needs. Learn about our scientific efforts that we hope will help bring an end to the current global health crisis.


BioBumper-19 is an all-natural herbal solution that offers fast relief and provides preventive protection*.

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A formulation designed specifically for pharmaceutical companies' new drug development purpose. Experiments showed it can effectively block 96.7% of SARS-CoV-2 virus’ spike protein from binding with ACE2 receptor. We expect this may drastically reduce the treatment cycle in the future.


A 10-day long-acting sterilization formulation spray to be applied on object surfaces for continuous protection against microbial growth. BioBumper works at a cellular level to disrupt the growth and reproduction of microorganisms for immediate and active sterilization effect. Watch video demo for more detail.

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Our worldwide campaign to give out free self-care package for COVID-19 confirmed individuals have successfully helped many families during their recovery.
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This self-care package is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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